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Herdenk Alfred Kohn

Alfred Kohn

Berlijn, – Auschwitz,

Reached the age of 54 years



About Alfred Kohn

Alfred Kohn was divorced in Berlin on 6 March 1933. He settled in Amsterdam on 18 November 1933.
Stadsarchief Amsterdam, archiefkaart Alfred Kohn

According to a list with shops of Jewish owners, compiled by the Amsterdam police in 1940, Alfred Kohn had an ice cream parlour, address: Van Woustraat 149 in Amsterdam.
Abstracts of the police archives which are currently at the Amsterdam municipal ar…

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On April 1941 Kohn sent to jail in Germany (Remscheid-Lüttringhausen). In Feb 9, 1944 he sent to Auschwitz, where he arrived in Feb 23, 1944, and sent to Auschwitz I. he received prisoner no. 174315. On April 44 he diagnose has tuberculosis sick. On the first day of the death march from Auschwitz, Jan 18, 1945, Alfred killed when he was shoot by Nazi guard man. He was buried in Christian cemetery …

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