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Tobias Biallosterski

Bloemendaal, – Scheveningen,

Reached the age of 24 years



About Tobias Biallosterski

Tobias Biallosterski was married. He was a diamond merchant. He was active in the resistance by helping Jews and in the illegal press, particularly for Het Parool. On 8 October 1943, he left as England traveller. In England, he was trained up to be a secret agent. He was dropped by parachute twice. The first time near Etten (under the codename 'Draughts I'). His task was to transmit a message from…

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Tobias aka Tobs aka Hans de Bruin

Tobs was always known as Draughts 1. Mandrill was the name of the dropping zone and never the name of his mission. He was not a diamond merchant, he hated the business and left the apprenticeship according to his wife who is still alive. Furthermore on his second mission he was Prince Bernhard's envoy. His job was to regroup all the Resistance forces under Delta Centrum so that they were trained, …

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Tob Biallosterski was in Parool-kringen vanwege het feit dat hij per parachute was gedropt ook wel bekend als 'Hans-uit-de-lucht'.
Zie: Bart de Cort, De Groep Gerretsen (Den Haag 1998), p. 28

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Address & residents

Address in February 1941

Kruidbergweg 46, Velsen

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