Searching persons

When you search in the search-field on this website, the results may contain both victims of the Shoah commemorated on the Jewish Monument, as well as family members of the victims and living persons (members of the Jewish Monument website). The memorial pages of victims on the Monument have a purple background, the other individual pages are white or gray: gray for relatives of victims who have been added by users and white for the users of the Jewish Monument.

Een slachtofferpagina heeft een paarse achtergrond.

Finding victims of the Shoah

Via menu & search, top left on the homepage, you can search for persons. In the search field, you can directly enter a person's name. You will see the first results appear below the search field. Clicking on one of these names lands you directly on the requested person’s memorial page.

Does the person you are looking for not appear in the first ten results? Use (after typing the name) the magnifying glass icon or press Enter. Now you will see a page displaying a list of search results. You can refine those results by checking bottom left different filter categories such as All people, Victims 1940-1945, Locations, User contributions or Stolperstein.

Please beware that persons are included in the monument with their official names, that may be different from the names regularly used. Also, different spellings may be possible. "F" could be spelled "ph" (Efraïm or Ephraïm), "s" and "z" (Josef or Jozef) and "ij" is a common Dutch spelling for "y" (Meijer or Meyer). Do not use prefixes when searching on surnames. When you're unsure, searching by birthdate in the advanced search field (see below) is often easiest. You can also search by entering only the first letters of a first name or surname. Or try different ways of spelling in the general search field.

Advanced search

Alternatively, using advanced search, bottom left of the search results page, enables you to search a person using his/her details. So you can search for date of birth and date of death, place of birth and of death, place of residence, name and surname. If you fill in the first search box and then click on + you can enter a second search field. So you can combine different search terms. NOTE: if you use the advanced search box, and there is still a search term in the general search field (top center on the results page), that field must first be emptied. Moreover, only an exact match of the search result is shown in the advanced search field. Here, it doesn’t work to search with only the beginning of a name (such as in the general search field).

You can go directly from the homepage to the advanced search. Leave the search field on the main menu empty, and click the magnifying glass icon.

Search results explained

Besides all those commemorated on the Digital Monument, the Jewish Monument website also includes pages for pre-war and after-war generations as well as profile pages of contemporary members of the website. In this way, the persons from the monument become part of a living, dynamic community. This means that when you search for a name, you may also find people who are not Shoah victims. Pages of the victims of the Shoah are dark purple, and may contain much more information than the (white) pages for users or those of other family members and survivors (light gray).

Besides individual pages also other additions, such as stories, captions of photos, in short: all text searchable on the website, is shown. In the list of search results you can immediately recognize whether it is for instance an address or an individual page or story.

A grey backround on a page for family and survivors.