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Herdenk Klare Roodenburg-Cohen

Klare Roodenburg-Cohen

Leeuwwarden, – Amsterdam,

Reached the age of 69 years


About Klare Roodenburg-Cohen

Klare Cohen was a daughter of Wolf Cohen and Hester Polak. She married 2 September 1891 in Amsterdam to Matthijs Hartog Roodenburg, son of Hijman Hartog Roodenburg and Sara Abraham Mulder. Matthijs Roodenburg however passed away in Amsterdam on 1 September 1938.
The couple had nine children together, of whom one son died at in childhood, only 7 years old. The other children were Sara, Esther, Betj…

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Klare Roodenburg-Cohen

Klare trouwde 2 september 1891 met Matthijs Hartog Roodenburg (A'dam, 31 juli 1864 - A'dam, 1 september 1938).

Kinderen (geboren in Amsterdam)

Sara, 16 februari 1893
Esther, 6 december 1894
Hijman, 9 dec 1896 (+ 27 juli 1903)
Betje, 9 augusts 1898
Jeannette, 27 juni 1900
Aaltje, 2 april 1902
Hijman, 16 december 1904
Henriette, 15 september 1907
Mietje, 26 juli 1909

Matthijs overleed in 1938 in…

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Address & residents


Guest house 'Van Loggem'

Stadhouderskade 153, Amsterdam

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