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Herdenk Elias Stibbe

Elias Stibbe

Amsterdam, – Mauthausen,

Reached the age of 38 years

Occupation: Sale representative


The fate of Elias Stibbe.

Elias Stibbe was the third of the four children of Mozes Stibbe and Sara Stodel. He was born on 20 August 1904 in Amsterdam, worked as a vendor of various items and later he became a sales representative. His eldest sister Rosalie died on 27 January 1900, only six months old. He had also yet a sister Elisabeth and a brother Joseph.

Elias’s father Mozes Stibbe, his wife, Joseph and Elias self, move…

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Selli Eljon was de stiefmoeder van Elias Stibbe

Elias Stibbe was een zoon van Mozes Stibbe en Sara Stodel.

Sara Stodel is overleden op 4 april 1938 in Amsterdam.

Mozes Stibbe is op 20 maart 1940 getr0uwd met Sellie Eljon in Amsterdam

Archiefkaart Mozes Stibbe in SAA: Stibbe, Mozes - 13-09-1874 - A01232_0783_0117

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The persecution of the Jews in Noord Brabant.

On 28 August 1942, the net closed around the Jews then residing in North Brabant. A stealthy trial, concealed in a semblance of legality, had marginalized them since the German invasion, depriving them of their civil rights and property. Now the final phase began: that of deportation to transit, work and finally death camps.

That Friday, 28 August 1942, hundreds of Jews here and there in North Bra…

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