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Sara Cato Meijer

Amsterdam, – Berlijn,

Reached the age of 50 years



About Sara Cato Meijer

Sara (Selma) Cato Meijer was active in various social organizations. She was treasurer of the Housing Department for Spanish Children in the Netherlands and she was a member of the International Women’s Union for Peace and Freedom. She was also a member of the SDAP. In May 1940 she managed to escape from Zeeland to France. She came back to work in the resistance. In October 1940 she was arrested a…

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Meyer ipv Meijer

Naar recentelijk is komen vast te staan moet de familienaam als 'Meyer' worden geschreven. De naam is van Duitse oorsprong.

Lit: Bart de Cort, Van vrouwen, vrede en verzet. Selma Meyer (1890-1941) en haar Holland Typing Office (Amsterdam: Champlemy Pers 2013); Tweede verbeterde en o.a. met correspondentie uitgebreide druk (Raleigh NC: Lulu 2015).…

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