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Herdenk Ernst Simon Oppenheim

Ernst Simon Oppenheim

Düsseldorf, – Polen,

Reached the age of 18 years

Occupation: Schoolboy



About Ernst Simon Oppenheim

Ernst Simon Oppenheim arrived in Arnhem as a German refugee on 28 July 1933. As of 4 September 1941 he lived at the Villa Catharinahoeve, a Jewish youth farm in Gouda opened for Palestine pioneers on over two hectares of land in 1937. His date of departure from there is unknown. He was deported to Poland via Westerbork.

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Address & residents


Joodse Jeugdfarm

Ridder van Catsweg 61, Gouda

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Centraal Israëlitisch Weeshuis

Nieuwegracht 92, Utrecht

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