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Herdenk Max Ardel

Max Ardel

Erfurt, – Warschau,

Reached the age of 20 years



About Max Ardel

Max Ardel arrived in Rotterdam as a refugee from Germany on 15 February 1939. He was taken in at 1 Quarantainestraat, an assembly point for Palestine pioneers. A few other Palestine pioneer venues (Gorsel, Gouda) helped him find shelter at the Paviljoen Loosdrechtse Rade youth aliyah home in Loosdrecht. He stayed there from 12 January 1940 until 21 July 1941. He left Loosdrecht for Andijk.
F. van …

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Address & residents

Address in June 1942

Paviljoen Loosdrechtse Rade

C 8 rood, Loosdrecht

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