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Herdenk Barend Busnac

Barend Busnac

Rotterdam, – Drunen,

Reached the age of 22 years



About Barend Busnac

Barend Busnac was an office clerk. He was unmarried. Within the Spaendonck group, he carried out work for the resistance. Barend Busnac was caught on 24 January 1944 in Tilburg and imprisoned in the Groot-Seminarie in Haaren. On 26 May 1944, he was executed by firing squad near the Rustende Jager in the Drunen Dunes.
//NIOD, Erelijst Verzet en Koopvaardij, database made by J.W. de Leeuw;
B. Brab…

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Barend Busnac

Barend was engaged to my mother, Heintje Theeboom at the time that Holland was invaded by the Nazis.  In 1942, he assisted my mother and her sister Celine to go into hiding in Beverwijk with the family of Gerrit Sluis.  From there, my mother was brought to Tilburg, to stay with the Berkelmans family.  A wedding between he and my mother was falsely registered in the population register (bevolkingsr…

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