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Herdenk Barend Buitenkant

Barend Buitenkant

Amsterdam, – Extern kommando Hirschberg,

Reached the age of 21 years



About David Buitenkant and his family

David Buitenkant, a flower peddler, was a son of Barend Buitenkant and Rebecca Haag. He married Judith van Bever in Amsterdam on 19 March 1922, a daughter of Samson van Bever and Sientje Smeer. The couple had eight children, of whom one son has survived the Holocaust. 7 November 1938, five of their children were sent to the Bergstichting in Laren: Jacob, Rebecca, Arie, Sientje and Samuel. They hav…

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Broers en zussen

Barend is het oudste kind van David Buitenkant en Judith van Bever

Barend, 17 juni 1922
Samson, 13 april 1924
Jacob, 14 september 1926
Arie, 7 maart 1928
Rebecca, 26 april 1929
Sientje, 11 oktober 1930
Samuel, 10 oktober 1932
Mientje, 24 januari 1934

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