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Ruth Meyer

Osnabrück, – Auschwitz,

Reached the age of 13 years



About Ruth Meyer

Ruth Meyer had fled with her mother and brother Hans from Germany to the Netherlands. Her father Hugo had already died at that time.
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Ruth Meyer

Ruth Meyer was een dochter van Hugo Meyer (geboren 27-09-1894 Osnabrück, overleden 15-08-1933 Osnabrück) en Erna Steinfeld (geboren 31-05-1896 Versmold). Haar vader was veehandelaar. Het gezin woonde in Ostercappeln-Heringhausen 107.

Bron: boek 'Stationen auf dem Weg nach Auschwitz. Entrechtung, Vertreibung, Vernichtung: Juden in Osnabrück 1900-1945', door Peter Junk & Martina Sellmeyer. (Bramsch…

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Nederlands-Israëlitisch Meisjesweeshuis

Rapenburgerstraat 171, Amsterdam

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