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Herdenk Gabriele Brigitte Gobets-Bernstein

Gabriele Brigitte Gobets-Bernstein

Berlijn, – Bergen-Belsen,

Reached the age of 24 years



About Gabriele Brigitte Gobets-Bernstein

Gabriele Brigitte Bernstein married Heinz Adolf Tichauer in 1937 in Amsterdam. After his death in Mauthausen she married 534042 on 27 January 1943 in Amsterdam. According to records in Amsterdam she died on 15 April 1945 in Bergen-Belsen. It is possible this date is different from the official day of death as established after the war by the Department of Justice.
Stadsarchief Amsterdam, archiefka…

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Berlin Emigrant

Gabriele Bernstein lived with her mother , the widowed Irma Bernstein-Frank (18.12.1890 in Berlin), at Eisenzahnstr. 3 in Berlin-Wilmersdorf. Gabriele -- and presumedly her mother--emigrated from Germany to Barcelona, Spain in the earlier 1930s. They arrived in Amsterdam on 1. March 1937. (Jewish Addressbook Berlin 1931, Amsterdam City Archive Card)

If anybody knows more about the fate of her mot…

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Irma Frank

According to the card of Gabrielle Bernstein's mother Irma Frank, Irma Frank left for South America in early 1940. It doesn't say that she was a widow, according to the card the couple divorced on 14-10-1927 in Berlin.

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Gabrielle! Gobets-Bernstein, geb. 1920; Theresienstadt, overlijdensplaats Bergen-Belsen!

Gobets, Gabrielle (not Gabriele!).

geb. Bernstein
born on 14th September 1920 in Berlin / - / Stadt Berlin
resident of Berlin

from Westerbork
18th January 1944, Theresienstadt, ghetto
01st October 1944, Auschwitz, extermination camp

Date/Place of Death:
Bergen - Belsen
officially declared dead

(Source) Memorial Book

Victims of the Persecution of Jews under the National Socialist…

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Een veelzijdig zanger, Machiel Gobets

Tot aan 'het einde' heeft hij gezongen!

Machiel Gobets is geboren op 21 mei 1905 in Amsterdam. Hij wordt verder altijd Michel genoemd. Hij is overleden in Dachau op 20 april 1945. Volgens zijn archiefkaart is hij zanger. Tijdens de oorlogsjaren werkt hij ook als ‘medewerker cultureel werk’ voor de Joodsche Raad.

Familie Gobets

Michel is de zoon van Nathan Gobets (diamantslijper) en Anna Kesner. Nathan is geboren op 29 maart 1881. A…

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