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Herdenk Israel Eljasz Maroko

Israel Eljasz Maroko

Zdunska Wola, – Sobibor,

Reached the age of 47 years



About Israel Eljasz Maroko

Around 1915, Israel Eljasz Maroko married and had four children. Before moving to Amsterdam, he was a chazan in Kalisch, Tarnow and Bratislava. He was known for his musical ear and his beautiful voice.
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On 6 June 1926 Israel Eljasz Maroko was appointed chief cantor at the Main Synagogue in Amsterdam. He ran the services at the Great Synagogue on the Jonas Danie…

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Israel Eljasz Maroko - Zijn naam leeft voort.

March 22, 2013 President Barack Obama will be shown sheet music with a Passover composition by cantor Israel Eljasz Maroko:

“From some 154 million pages of documentation in the Yad Vashem Archives, we chose to show President Obama a unique manuscript that survived the Holocaust – the sheet music with an original composition, written in 1941, for the Passover liturgal poem Had Gadya,” said Yad Va…

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Israel Eljasz Maroko and his family

Two children of Israel and Rajzel were not registered at this address: Marjem and Hersz.
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In addition, a Jokos file (number 448) on this family is at the Amsterdam Municipal Archive. Access is subject to authorization from the Stichting Joods Maatschappelijk Werk.The Jokos file reveals that a claim was lodged for compensation for looted securities or bonds. (W-…

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Op dit adres stond ook S.W. Maroko ingeschreven: Szymon (Simme) Wolf Maroko. Hij kreeg in oktober 1941 als joods student een verbod om verder te studeren aan de Universiteit van Amsterdam. Bron Joods Historisch Museum

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