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Herdenk Izak Os

Izak Os

Zwolle, – Sobibor,

Reached the age of 72 years



About Izak Os

There is a street named after Izak Os in Zwolle, the Izak Osstraat.
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Izak Os and his family

Izak Os was married to Lea Spits. He represented the SDAP on the Zwolle city council. Even as a socialist, Izak Os did not condemn religion. He continued to go to shul, if only to socialize. His wife did not keep strictly kosher but did not allow pork or eel in her house.

Izak Os had advanced from working in food, textile and travelling sales to a businessman. His addresses attest to this improv…

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Herinneringen aan Izak en Lea Os-Spits

Wil Cornelissen, Leie, wöör is mien talles? in: Zwols Historisch Tijdschrift, 2019, afl. 1, pag. 31-35.

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