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Rosa Rosen-Moses

Treptow an der Rega, – Sobibor,

Reached the age of 60 years


Rosa Rosen-Moses and her family

These persons are listed as residing at the same address. The source does not provide information about how they were related to one another.

We have been unable to determine whether one or more members of this family survived the war. While their names do not appear on the lists of survivors, we have not been able to trace them in In Memoriam either. They are therefore labeled as 'surviving' an…

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Gotthold Rosen en Rosa Rosen-Moses

Gotthold Rosen en Rosa Rosen–Moses
Laatst bekend adres: Eemnesserweg 72, Baarn

Gotthold werd op 24 juni 1877 geboren in Stolp. Rosa werd op 11 oktober 1882 geboren in Treptow an der Rega. De plaatsen lagen in Duitsland, nu in Polen.

Op 5 september 1908 trouwden Gotthold en Rosa in Berlijn. In 1919 werd zoon Ernst geboren. Na de Kristallnacht (9-11-1938) waren joden niet meer veilig in Duitsland. Ro…

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