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Herdenk Anna Lachovitsky

Anna Lachovitsky

Nikolajev, – Auschwitz,

Reached the age of 42 years


About Mary Lachovitsky-Weissmann and her family

Marij or Mary Weissmann was born in Burgpole in Russia (or Poland) on 3 May 1872 and she was married to Max Lachovitsky, born 15 June 1868 in Korsaw. Max was a clothing merchant and travelled a lot. In 1905 the complete family, namely Max self, his wife Mary Weissmann, daughters Dina, Lillah, Edith, Ina and Anna, as also his sons Manuel, Chaim and Morris arrived from Edinburgh in Rotterdam, where …

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About Anna Lachovitsky

The Delft police commissioner requested on behalf of the Sicherheitspolizei in The Hague that Anna Lachovitsky, without any occupation and residing in Delft, be located, detained and brought to trial. She was suspected of having changed her place of residence without obtaining the required authorization. This description referred to Jews who had gone into hiding.
Algemeen Politieblad nr 38, 24 Sep…

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