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Herdenk Benjamin Cohen

Benjamin Cohen

Wildervank, – Sobibor,

Reached the age of 85 years


About Benjamin Cohen

Because this individual had the same address as the institution, this person is assumed to have been institutionalized.

This person is mentioned in a CABR document of the Dutch Nationaal Archief. The CABR contains detailed information concerning this person’s arrest, inv. nr CABR 449 + 67520

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Benjamin Cohen

Benjamin (Philip Samuel Cohen and
Eva Adam de Jonge) married
07-12-1891 in Veendam to:
Jetta Leviet (Henoch Leviet and Rebekka Cohen)
Jetta Leviet passed away 1934 in Groningen.

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Benjamin Cohen

Benjamin Cohen was vanaf december 1942 opgenomen in de psychiatrische inrichting Zon en Schild te Assen (Dennenweg 1), en overleed op 20 maart 1943 te Sobibor.

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