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Herdenk Peiretz Gelkopf

Peiretz Gelkopf

Salachien, – Sobibor,

Reached the age of 35 years

Occupation: Worker


About Peiretz Gelkopf

Peiretz Gelkopf was a son of Leib Gelkopf and Marie Esther Frenkel. He was a presser.
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Peiretz Gelkopf and his family

Peiretz Gellkopf was married to Rachel Blog. He was a taylor. Their second child, a daughter named Rebecca, was born in transit camp Westerbork on 27 August 1943.
Record of birth certificates of the Westerbork municipality, currently at the archives of Gemeente Midden-Drenthe in Beilen

On 1 April 1943 Peiretz Gelkopf, Rachel Blog and their daughter Maria Esther were taken to Westerbork. Rachel wa…

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