Julius Wolff and his family

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Situation in June 1941

Julius Wolff »

Nijmegen, 18 April 1882

Bergen-Belsen, 8 February 1945

Head of family

Betsy Wolff-Gersons »

Tilburg, 12 June 1889

Bergen-Belsen, 9 March 1945


Ernst Wolff »

Groningen, 9 October 1919

Bergen-Belsen, 3 March 1945


Julius Wolff was a son of Levie Wolff, butcher and cattle merchant, and Ida Jacobsohn. On 9 August 1911 in Tilburg, he married Betsy Gersons, daughter of Levie Gersons, merchant in rags, and Leentje de Jonge. The couple had three children, including sons Louis and Ernst. The latter played violin.

Julius (nicknamed Jules) Wolff completed the the higher secondary school B and then took the state exam. He studied maths and physics in Amsterdam, where he obtained his doctorate under lecturer J. Korteweg on the thesis 'Dynames, considered as dual vectors'. From 1907 to 1917, he was a teacher in secondary and grammar schools in Meppel, Middelburg and Amsterdam. In 1917, he was appointed lecturer at the University of Groningen, and in 1922 at the University in Utrecht. Furthermore, he was a maths advisor for the life insurance company 'Eigen Hulp' in The Hague. He was rewarded six times for solving competition questions set by the Maths Association.

His son Louis Wolff died on 11 May 1940 in Amsterdam. Julius Wolff, his wife Betsy and their second son Ernst had a so-called 'sperre'. They featured on the Barneveld list (to become part of the Barneveld group) as well as on the Gerzon list. These were people working for the clothing firm Gerzon who were deemed useful by the occupier for the war industry. The family had more faith in the Gerzon list. They were transported with the Gerzon group from Westerbork to Bergen-Belsen, where they were all killed. Julius Wolff still held lectures in Bergen-Belsen.
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